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Naming Opportunities

$10 million    
Naming Opportunity for the

Academy for Advanced World Studies

$4 million

Yerby Building


$1 million
The Dome (Funded)
Cafeteria Building
Library/Digital Learning Center


Presentation area with moveable stage (Funded)
Collaborative Learning Technology Lab (Funded)

Computer Lab #1
Computer Lab #2

Outdoor Learning Lab (Funded)
Science Lab #1 (Funded)        
Science Lab #2 (Funded)
STEM Lab (Funded)
Fine Arts Studio #1 (Art)
Fine Arts Studio #2 (Music)           

Principal’s Office     
Board Room - MCPSS Superintendent Office

        & Conference Space (Funded)
Counseling Office (Funded)
Entry Hall/Barton History Exhibit Space
Government Street Gate Entrance

Assistant Principal’s Office

Staff Office #1                    
Staff Office #2
Staff Office #3                    
Nurse’s Office
First Aid Room                
The Vault
Cedar Street Gate Entrance (Funded)            
Conti Street Gate Entrance (Funded)

Reception Area (Funded)      
Teachers’ Lounge (Funded)    
Staff Conference Room (Funded)
Classroom Spaces (14 classrooms available) (11 Funded)


8-Foot Portions of Barton Academy Fence

(plaque to be affixed)

(116 sections available) (11 Funded)

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