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Barton Academy for Advanced World Studies, a signature academy of Mobile County Public Schools, will provide a diverse, multicultural learning experience for approximately 300 students in grades 6-9. The curriculum will include high-level courses in all core subjects – science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), English and social studies – with an emphasis on foreign languages, world geography and global economics. Upon completion of ninth grade, students will be proficient in at least one foreign language and will have the ability to think critically and communicate across cultures.  

The school is a direct response to the vital role international trade plays in Mobile’s economy. The goal is to prepare students for college success and leadership in an
interconnected world.

Following 9th grade, students will be prepared for transition to aligned college
and career programs at Mobile’s signature academy-level high school programs,
particularly the International Studies Academy, International Baccalaureate Academy, University of Alabama Early College Academy or Military Academy at Murphy High School.

Barton Academy will emphasize comparative studies (United States to other countries) in all areas of the curriculum and take advantage of our thriving international community by establishing partnerships with community
organizations, corporations and business leaders.   

The curriculum will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Intense foreign language instruction at all grade levels ( including Spanish, German, Russian or Chinese

  • Project-based cultural studies of individual countries and region

  • International program opportunities

  • Opportunities to earn high school credits while in grade 8 and college credit in grade 9

  • Instruction by highly qualified teachers with proven records of success

  • Participation in community international activities and arts programs

Entrance Requirements
Because of its accelerated curriculum, the school will have rigorous entrance requirements. A 3.4 GPA or 85% yearly average in all core classes will be
required for admission and continuation. The system will offer equitable
access for students with qualifying GPAs, including under-served populations.

Paving the Way to a Brighter Future
World studies schools throughout the U.S. have a proven record of paving the way toward scholarships and admission to some of the best and most competitive universities in the world. Barton Academy of Advanced World Studies will provide a rigorous college preparatory course of study aligned to state, international and College Board standards. Research shows critical thinking skills, creativity and academic achievement are significantly higher for students learning and using a second or third language. Students with foreign language skills and global knowledge generally score better on college entrance exams, and top universities place a high value on foreign language skills and world culture studies. Students who know other languages and foreign cultures have access to a greater number of careers in the U.S. and abroad.

Learn more about Barton Academy for Advanced World Studies

Read an interview with Dr. Amanda Jones, Coordinator of Professional Learning, Special Projects and Innovation with Mobile County Public Schools, here.

Barton Academy for Advanced World Studies

will be a winning program

for all of Mobile


Students receive an advanced education in a field with a limit-less future. They greatly enhance their chances at great scholarships, great colleges and great careers.

The community gains an economic development tool that makes us more competitive and more attractive to international investment.

Businesses, both local and foreign, gain a workforce with global skills. The academy provides a truly portable education for foreign families who want their children to keep pace with international standards.

Mobile’s revitalized Downtown, with its growing residential population, will have a new school in the heart of Downtown – a major draw for new investment and residents.

Mobile County Public Schools gains a national reputation for providing a quality education that is truly world-class.


And that benefits us all.   

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